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About Black Authors Festival

Author Interview
Black Authors Festival

The Black Authors Festival was founded by two professional Black women who wholeheartedly know the power of literacy, education, family, community, and Black Power! It is in that vein in which the nationally recognized Festival celebrates and supports Black authors and prospective Black authors. 


It was curated to acquaint and re-acquaint Black people with the notion of penning and publishing their own stories. Additionally, as strong proponents of literacy, the Founders are taking an active role in working toward the annihilation of American illiteracy, especially in the Black community. They recognize that when we tell our own stories, we leave a legacy of truth, empowerment, mobility, and fortitude.


Darlene Williams

Darlene is an award-winning international bestselling author, adjunct lecturer, business owner, certified personal & professional development coach, and Harvard certified rhetorician. She is responsible for elevating the professional imprint of a myriad of professionals as well as has served as the catalyst for lucrative collaborations amongst professionals across the country.

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Verdel Jones 2


Verdel Jones

Verdel is an award-winning educator, founder and CEO of the non profit, Share Inform Enlighten Inc., author and long time talk show host. She is dedicated to sharing information that enhances individuals day-to-day life with educational programs that motivate and inspire. 

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Black Authors Festival Board Members

We are grateful for our Board Members, who have shown their commitment to elevating and promoting the voices of underrepresented writers. Our festival is a unique opportunity to engage with the creative works of some of the most talented and inspiring writers of our time. We are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone feels empowered to share their stories and be heard. Join us in our mission to champion Black literature, culture, and creativity!

Tasha Lloyd, Esq.

Black Authors Festival General Counsel

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Black Authors Festival Host

Alissa Anderson

BET & Lessons with Lissa

Black Authors Festival Host

Rudy Breedy

Award-Winning Multimedia Personality

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