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Darlene is an award-winning international bestselling author, adjunct lecturer, business owner, certified personal & professional development coach, and Harvard certified rhetorician. She is responsible for elevating the professional imprint of a myriad of professionals as well as has served as the catalyst for lucrative collaborations amongst professionals across the country.

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Darlene is publicly recognized as an award-winning personal and professional development coach. She is the Founder of The Higher Level Method, LLC which is the preeminent personal & professional development coaching Firm. The firm’s success formula: Higher Level Thinking + Higher Level Performance = Higher Level Results. Period! ™ 

She is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and transformational coach who places an enlivened spin on professional and personal development. Known for her ability to break complex concepts down in a fresh and relatable way, Darlene provides online & in-person one-on-one VIP coaching on effective parenting, self-esteem procurement & maintenance, leadership, & herbal remedy implementation.

Distinguished by her allegiance to preeminence, Darlene’s ability to assess her client’s needs provide winning results. In some cases, her clients have been able to double their earnings in less than six months. She is an international bestselling author, expert facilitator, & adjunct lecturer. Her work and the work of her current and past clients have been seen on OWN, ABC, CBS, News 12, VisaNet (Peru), in National Geographic Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Essence Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, and more. Darlene holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management. She is a certified life coach (College of Achology in Scotland) and received her rhetorician certificate from Harvard.  

Darlene’s latest book release,  The Higher Level Method: Success Stories on How to Master Your Business and Life Goals is an anthology that is beautifully written by 17 professional American Business Women. On the first day of its release it hit Amazon’s bestseller’s list on several fronts: #1 Women in Business; #2 Business Motivation and Self-Improvement; #3 in Motivational Business Management; & #7 in Business Life. 

Darlene has held key positions on executive educational boards, long standing civil rights boards, and most recently was sworn in as one of the Board of Trustees for the Barack Obama Green Charter School.

Darlene has two books about to be released from her imprint: The Higher Level Method: What Would I Tell My Younger Self? Vol. I & Vol. II. The forewords are penned by Fashion Guru & Best Selling Author, Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily and author & actress, BernNadette Stanis, America’s Sweetheart, Thelma Evans, from the 70’s Sitcom, Good Times, respectively. 


Darlene is also the author of an interactive personal development & anti-bullying book for girls, How to be a Young Lady: Your Total Guide for Being the Best Possible You! 2nd Edition. Her book assists girls with essentials such as necessary deportment skills, The Inner Beauty Pledge ™, talks to them about finances (Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche), Styling their clothes (Carlton Spence). The 3rd edition, which is due out fall 2023 brings readers up-to-date with the information about the aforementioned topics. Included in the upcoming edition is a chapter by the phenomenal psychologist, Dr. Lavonna Connell. This book is recommended for girls ages eight to 18 and the parents/guardians and people who love them.

As a proponent of natural health, Darlene has been a vegan vegetarian for almost two decades. She is a student of Dr. Sebi, Queen Afua, and Dr. Gary Null. Her study of herbs has been the catalyst for her beginning her line of fine quality herbal capsules, teas, and healing potions. As a purveyor of the finest capsules and herbal properties, her company Mama Leans Herbal Remedies ( has been showcased at recent popups in various locations. She has healed and helped transform the health of her family and friends for decades and has now been afforded the opportunity to extend her healing to the world.

So, if you’re a boss, on your way to becoming a boss, or dream of being a boss, contact Darlene, she can get you to The Higher Level!

She and her husband reside in New York. They have a son, a daughter, a daughter-in-love and a grandson.

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