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About Tasha Owens

Tasha Owens, widely recognized as Ms. TashaTalksLife, embodies a blend of seasoned educator and certified life coach. With over 14 years of enriching experience in education and a profound journey of personal and professional transformation post-2020, Tasha’s narrative is as inspiring as it is enlightening.


Author of the empowering book, “Sis, Stop Sulkin’ God’s Plan is Greater”, and the spirited voice behind the Sis Stop Sulkin’ podcast, Tasha’s mission transcends conventional coaching. Her approach is a harmonious blend of faith, authenticity, and empowerment, resonating deeply with ambitious women seeking to harmoniously balance self-love, health & wellness, and life goals. 


Off the stage, Tasha is a vivacious mom, an avid reader, and someone who finds joy in dancing to life’s rhythm, showcasing that self-growth and embracing life’s joys aren’t mutually exclusive.

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