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Shades of Long Island
Media Access

Coverage for the Black Authors Festival is welcomed and permitted under the following terms and conditions, which may not be modified without the prior written consent from the Founder of the Black Authors Festival. 

To ensure that all qualified media outlets are given the appropriate access and working space, the following guidelines have been developed. 

All requests for credentials must be submitted to Miya Jones, Founder - Editor-in-Chief - Executive Producer of Shades of Long Island via email at

Credential requests will be considered only if they are submitted by an outlet’s assignment editor. 


Media credentials will be issued only to individuals regularly employed by and on assignment from print and digital newspapers, radio and television stations, and entertainment publications, and networks and wire services that regularly cover events of this nature. All decisions will be at the sole discretion of the Shades of Long Island and its team. 


Media outlets may be required to provide an overview of its previous entertainment coverage, as well as an accurate explanation of its coverage reach. Outlets that do not meet reach requirements determined by Shades of Long Island will not be approved for credentials. 


AGENCIES AND INDIVIDUALS NOT ELIGIBLE - Credentials shall not be issued to the following: 

  • Individuals writing or gathering material for books, short films or movies

  • Freelance reporters or photographers 

  • Executives and/or staff without entertainment specific assignments 

  • Representatives of syndicated television or cable programmers who are not producing programs for immediate news coverage 

  • Weekly and monthly outlets will not qualify for credentials unless their professional imprint is immediately recognizable

TV Interview


By applying for a credential, the assignment editor confirms reading, fully understanding and agreeing with the following guidelines and policies for each of the outlet’s representatives:

  • Display of credentials: Appropriate credentials are required at all times for access to the media center and the interview area. This includes all Black Authors Festival credentials. 

  • Right to revoke: A breach of any of the media credential regulations may result in forfeiture of the media credentials for both the individual and media organization including, but not limited to, the right to work at the current and at future Black Author Festival events/productions. The Black Authors Festival reserves sole discretion to revoke credentials at any time for any reason with or without cause. 

  • Working environment: Media must comply with all requests made by Black Authors Festival staff and designees to enforce media regulations. Media shall respect the work environment by maintaining a professional atmosphere in the media center and designated interview areas. 

  • Prohibited equipment: No tripods or ladders are permitted on the premises. The use of boats, dinghy, or boating equipment is strictly prohibited. 

  • Celebrity/honoree interviews: are not permitted during the honoring ceremony, the fireside chats, or while the celebrity/honoree is performing. Media will be provided with a list of those that they are assigned. 

  • News and editorial use only: Approved media outlets and its representatives may use information and other content collected at the Black Authors Festival solely in news and editorial coverage of this current Festival. No other use, including commercial use, by either the media outlet or credentialed individual may be made without the prior written authorization of the Founders of the Black Authors Festival.

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